Our Story

Where It All Began

Trinity Consulting & Psychological Services, PLLC also known as TCPS is a private psychological practice meeting the needs of children, adolescents, and adults. We have been in operation since April 2012 serving individuals in the geriatirc population and those seeking disability assistance due to anxiety, depression, learning delays, or physical health declines. Over the past 10 years we have impacted thousands of lives and helped clients overcome obstacles and find a greater sense of meaning beyond their circumstance.

As we embark upon our next decade of service we will continue to help clients conquer the battle of the mind with a mindset shift, regarding health and wellness, diet, obesity and behavior. As we change our thoughts about our relationship with food and behavior we will make strides in changing our world towards a healthy shift in lifestyle and living. Let us walk with you on the journey towards your best self!

About Us

Here at TCPS we understand how difficult it can be to feel completely satisfied with life. We’ve all tried making changes, but often they don’t last, and we quickly give up or revert back to older ways of doing and thinking. Yet the old ways might hurt us in some way, or prevent us from feeling fully alive or satisfied.

Changing your thoughts helps you make meaningful and lasting changes that can ultimately change your world. Life today is difficult with all the demands placed on us by our family, work, and our own need for self-fulfillment. Add to this the emotional stress of family conflict, divorce, defiant children, an illness or death in the family and you begin to understand why more and more people are turning to mental health professionals for help.

We address a broad array of challenges that people face, such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, life transitions, and trauma. Psychotherapy is the opportunity to learn about yourself, and to use this learning to make changes you haven’t been able to make before. When we understand ourselves more deeply and honestly, we can change how we relate to ourselves and others, how we handle distressing situations, and how we work toward meaningful accomplishments that are in line with our deepest values. Our work can help you to become more effective, stronger, and more fulfilled, as you become more of the person you want to be.

Our Team

Who We Are

Founder/Clinical Director

Ieshea Jarmon, PSYD

Director of Psychotherapy Services

Tamika Johnson, LPC

Licensed Therapist

Tawaina Jarmon, LPC

Licensed Therapist

James Albert, LPC


Jacquin Green, LPC-I

Office Manager/Billing Specialist

Iva S Jarmon, BS