Preparing for the holidays can be extremely stressful. It’s easy to become exhausted by the end of November. The world appears to be moving faster than it did in the early fall.

Sure, the holidays are a time of great joy. It’s a wonderful feeling to return to your hometown, meet your significant other’s family, or simply participate in festive activities. However, numerous stressors accompany the season’s pleasures.

December can feel like a never-ending list of activities and invitations. Work holiday parties, get-togethers with your children’s friends, and social gatherings with friends are all options. Buying gifts for friends and family, attending holiday activities, and managing your budget may keep you so busy that you forget to practice self-care. The holidays become less about living in the moment and enjoying yourself and more about preparing for the next activity. 

As the busy holiday season approaches, it’s critical to make time for yourself. To do that, here are helpful tips that guide you on how to care for yourself during the holidays. 

Set aside time for yourself by saying “No.”

It can be easier to say “yes” to everything than to disappoint someone you care about by saying “no,” especially when friends and family rely on you for assistance.

However, saying no when necessary will benefit you in the long run. This allows you to better manage your time and make room for activities that you truly enjoy. Rather than filling your calendar with unnecessary activities, you will be able to pick and choose those that are most important to you.

Take time for yourself whenever you want — wake up 10 minutes earlier, sneak away from the family gathering, or volunteer to be the person who runs out to the grocery store to get the forgotten cranberry sauce. Allowing yourself these solo moments will help you avoid burnout and live more fully in the moment. Furthermore, if you’re feeling good, the people around you will notice because they will be able to tell that you’re excited to spend time with them rather than just being somewhere because you feel obligated. Consider it a luxury to be actually doing less.

Exercise mindfulness

Mindfulness extends beyond being picture-perfect present. Make sure you are not only handing out the presents but also being present. Take in a moment rather than attempting to capture it for a scrapbook.

When it comes to mindfulness, meditation is an excellent tool. When you are stressed or need a moment to yourself, practice deep breathing, go for a mindful walk, or listen to relaxing music. Mindfulness can help you manage your emotions and stress levels during the holidays.

Another useful mindfulness technique is to concentrate on all five senses. There is a lot to see, smell, hear, feel, and taste during the holidays. Make use of all of your senses to stay fully present and acknowledge the present moment. Take a few deep breaths and smell the bread baking in the oven, or gaze out the window. When you’re stressed or anxious, deep breathing allows your body to reset and relax. To be fully present and mindful, combine your breath with an awareness of your senses.

Make an appointment with a professional counselor for therapy

It’s critical to practice not only the fun, giftable forms of self-care, such as bath bombs and coloring books but also to commit to working hard and improving your mental health through therapy and skills. Working with a mental health professional, such as a Mindful Care employee, will assist you in determining how to manage your busy life and take time for yourself during the holidays, as well as provide you with coping skills for the future.


The holidays can feel overwhelming and difficult, but with these tips, you can make the most of them while also taking time for yourself as the busy holiday season approaches. Make an appointment with Trinity Consulting and Psychological Services to discuss how to make this holiday season work for you.